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The Best Jazz & Noise of 2019…?

As a card-carrying pedant, of course this isn’t the “best” jazz and noise of the last year. It’s just what I like the most out of what I’ve heard… These are the albums that sum up 2019 for me – dense, disorientating, immersive, cathartic… and then there’s also a strong vein of what might be…

RAIC – Häxan

The latest from the Richmond Avant Improv Collective and it’s a soundtrack… kind of. Häxan is the first in a series of improvised scores for silent and obscure movies. This first choice is a 1922 documentary-style horror from Swedish director, Benjamin Christensen, a study of superstition, witchcraft, and how ignorance and illness fuelled historical witch-hunts….

RAIC – Multiplicity

In their bio and liner notes, RAIC claim various genres – noise, post rock, classical, black metal, free jazz, avant garde, film scores, big band, 70s car chase themes, and lounge  – and in this release from January, they pretty much go all-in. Multiplicity indeed. The opening track – Balance Of The Three – is…