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aJazzNoise’s picks of 2020

Between COVID-19 putting a stop to touring, and Bandcamp Fridays, there’s been a lot of music released in 2020. The following are the albums that settled deepest into my heart, imagination and/or gut this year. In the proverbial no particular order… – Ferran Besalduch“Argonauta”(call it anything records) “…a gloriously artificial natural world… a self-contained ecosystem…

KØS – An Uncaught Bird

“…to be a weaver with seeing fingers, a builder mindful of light and space”–Khalil Gibran, The Garden of the Prophet From the very beginning, KØS show themselves to be three such weavers. The saxophone in the opener, Earth’s Green Carpet, draws continuous strokes across the consciousness. Refreshingly sparse and dry percussion accentuates from a distance….