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FOU Records round-up

FOU Records is a French label dedicated to improvised music. I suspect the name derives from that of the label owner, Jean-Marc Foussat, but the logo indicates a fortuitous link to the I Ching hexagram 24, “Return” which offers such words of wisdom as “After a time of decay comes the turning point,” and “…the…

Camões / Foussat / Parle – Bien Mental

João Camões (viola) Jean-Marc Foussat (electronics) Claude Parle (accordion) L’autre bout À vingt ans Déchirure 2015 Fou Records FR-CD-12 This is an absolutely restless 40 minutes of three-way improvisation, never pausing, never hesitating, never lost, never satisfied, a non-stop series of leaps from one fractured acoustic-electric soundscape to another with fearless movement, connection, and flow….