Scratching, scraping, pecking… noises creep in, noises scurry out…

…paranoia, stubbornness, tentative ire, a tense dialogue, a semi-declared insouciance.

A machine expressed in sound – a marvellous clockwork noise-making mechanism equipped with instrumental innards; all loose and rattling in the right places.

The sound of a factory staffed by mice.

A documentary of miniature fantasti-fictional beasts, marking territory, posturing, courting, hunting, fucking, fighting, fleeing…

Fluids drip, bubble and corrode in an alchemist’s temporary laboratory.

The voices of the tongueless, reduced to urging, gesticulation and patience.

An insect banjo orchestra collectively stumbles (NB: no banjos were used in this recording).

A needle to the head – penetrating a pleasure-pain no-man’s land.

Electric sheep in search of androids dream of home.

All of which is to say that this beautiful, quietly cacophonous conversation is beyond sensible or original description. Much better to listen and let your own images slowly form…

oem records

Marina Cyrino: amplified flutes.
Henrique Iwao: objects, mini-table and electronics.
Matthias Koole: electric guitar.
Marco Scarassatti: self-made pássaro-cocho

Disputa e Guerra no Terreiro de Roça de Casa de Avó is available for download from oem record’s Bandcamp page.

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