Month: November 2019

MPH – Taxonomies

Under the deceptive guise of easily absorbed melodies and rhythms, this is gently and subversively experimental. Subversive and submersive, this album lurks beneath a deceptively placid surface. No matter the occasional sweetness, and the apparently feather-delicate melodies, those opening notes on the piano betray a touch, a soupçon of menace. In fact, taking the opener…

Sgt. Elyas – Mountains of Powerless

Described as, “a fake-concept-album, where drums and guitar samples cohabit, fight, love and breed,” Mountains of Powerless is seven viciously enticing chunks of sound – you could be a rhinoceros and this would still get under your skin – with pulsating industrial soundscapes, glacial guitar feedback sculptures, and outworld rituals for a portable, battery-powered age….

Anthony Osborne – An Unknown Animal

The dog’s not keen – too many eerie drones and unexpected distant noises – but I rarely take the dog’s advice on music. I love it. If you’ve delighted in the harsh, jagged beauty of Osborne’s recent releases like The Language of the Birds and Storm Heaven and Protest, this is a different kettle: all…