Like most (all?) of Sly & the Family Drone’s output for me, Walk It Dry is far beyond words. (cue more words…)

It bruises. It’s relentless. It can be heavy as fuck (heavier than most). And it can convey a quiet stiletto sense of dread.
I put this on to wake me up.
I put this on to feel better.
I put this on to batter myself into a meditative state.
I put this on to stick two fingers up to everything. And everyone (except you, of course).

Walk It Dry is a selection of briefer pieces than Gentle Persuaders (the longest track here is only 20 or so seconds longer than the shortest on GP). This is a series of 3- or 4-minute gut punches which are… Condensed? Concentrated? Maybe just shorter?   

Anyway, ignore these failing words. Don’t read. Listen! Here’s an early shrieking sensation:

Or this ritual of distr(a/u)ction magic that ultimately implodes:

Or the dying mechano-folk of…

Or a touch of rumble and stab…

Or try lying in front of this bulldozer, wearing its stately anger strapped tightly on.

And that’s just side one. You should hear side two.

As with Gentle Persuaders, and before it Molar Wrench (with Dead Neanderthals), Sly & the Family Drone are far beyond (my) words. They speak their own pure language of sensation and response.

And you do understand it whether you realise it or not.

A Black Uniformed Strutting Animal
Dead Cat Chaos Magician
Swearing On The Horns
Bulgarian Steel
Shrieking Grief
Sunken Disorderly
My Torso Is A Shotgun

Love Love Records

Walk It Dry is available on vinyl, CD, cassette and download from the Family Drone Bandcamp page.

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