Seville’s Sentencia Records is an always reliable source of noisy jazz, jazzy doom, and generally beautiful instrumental excess (see previous releases by Orthodox, Hidden Forces Trio, not mention recent distortionfest, Génesis Negro…)

The latest, Eolian Dawn, is a subtle/brutal selection of heavy, dark minimalism from Basque guitarists Jon Imbernon and Mikel Vega. The album is due for release this Friday (20 May) but in the meantime, you can get an advance taste here with the nowhere-else-to-be-found track “Eolian Empire”, plus “Nosommar” for good measure.

Enjoy (or despair, or write a novel, or go shopping, however it takes you…) and check out the full album on Friday.



Eolian Dawn is made up of six slow, dark and minimalist pieces where the interaction between the guitars creates a static and aggressive tension at the same time.

Recommended if you like: Iancu Dumitrescu, William Basinski, Derek Bailey, or Bohren & Der Club of Gore.

Genre: experimental, drone, free improvisation, dark ambient.

Jon Imbernon is the guitarist of Gangrened, Finnish doom-sludge-psych band with whom he crafts their particular brand of heaviness. He also participates in Xedh/Imbernon, a duo that delves deeper into the possibilities of the conversation between electric and electronic guitar, and has formed part of noise rock groups such as Ximel.

Mikel Vega is a musician with years of experience on the Basque Country underground music circuit, as his work with bands Killerkume, Orbain Unit, Conteiner or Loan show. Vega also works as a solo artist influenced by free improvisation, drone metal, jazz or certain aspects of contemporary composition.

Recorded on August 2021 in Kokkola, Finland.
Mastered by Miguel Souto.
Jon Imbernon: guitar & effects.
Mikel Vega: guitar & effects.
Sentencia Records

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