Month: January 2019

7 Questions for… Anthony Osborne

As a musician, Anthony Osborne is, in his own words, “a free jazz saxophonist and noisemaker. He likes to work in the intersections between free jazz/free improvisation, noise and drone. He is in eternal pursuit of the ecstatic.” Throw in some poetry or visuals (as in the Union Furnace or Black Howler projects) or favourite…

Anthony Osborne – The Language of the Birds

Anthony Osborne – soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet, harmonica, electronics, bulbul tarang, Ting-Sha, processing. On The Spiritual Dimensions of Boolean Logic Blues For Myself But Ronald, Why Are You Laughing? Japan in Autumn Sunlight On Concrete, Tree Blossom The Last Few Stars Burn Out In A Sky Of Eternal Night (32:31) Muteant Sounds Anthony Osborne should…

7 Questions for… Faye MacCalman

Archipelago tunes are sharp and fresh, treading the fine tightrope line between accessible and ‘ooh-that’s-a-bit-different!’. Beyond the deceptively straightforward surface appeal lie progressive arrangements and non-traditional sounds; and behind it all, a sense of quiet, layered experimentation that in some indefinable way (by me, at least) fits right in with the current British jazz+ scene….