A meeting of forces, minds, equals, aliens, sides, languages… A shared tongue channelling a neo-Muse.

Rezaei’s electronic sounds are pure organic/AI communication – a language of the spheres, flesh, and 1s and 0s combined. Goff’s drums build and construct – grabbing the circulatory system and injecting accelerant; the spirit rises as the pressure drops – the anticipated freefall of immersion.

iCon begins muffled, murky… images clawing gap-fingered to the surface of awareness… no hurry… words threaten to emerge from a glitchy swamp. Drums. Solid footing. A path, even, if you wish. No obligation to stand, when you can drift with the currents. Nerves. Nervous. Energy. Tension curls and grips. Solid but not still. A ritual of movement.

If there’s a hummingbird in the Hummingbird Suite it’s barely organic; more a piercing vibration passing this way. A series of visitations, scenes of everyday minutiae labelled with incomprehended whistle-speech. Relief at reaching a steady platform, hammered out by Goff, on which we can relax a moment and absorb/learn Rezaei’s twisted bleeps and turned bloops.

Brooding and sparse, Truth Is Born In Arguments gives a world of micro-sounds, hiss and stuck-needle Morse before the percussion builds a stairway to… other lands and voices; as in life, rhythm is a lifeline.

Return of the hummingbird? The End is an intra-aural lobotomy that takes full advantage of your scooped-out and receptive state to impart startling clear obscurities.

The world rushes past. Vistas blur. Reality likewise. Where is familiar, and where is un-…?

Hummingbird Suite
Truth Is Born In Arguments
The End

Cacophonous Revival Recordings

Samuel Goff – drums, percussion, samples
Mariam Rezaei – turntables, samples

“The End of the World… Finally” is available as CD, cassette and download from the Cacophonous Revival Bandcamp page.

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