(This short review was originally published in Jazz Journal in November 2016)

Timo Rantama (electric guitar)
Tatu Back (electric bass)
Iiro Laitinen (drums)

Lifelong Secret
Catching The Mystery Train
Uneasy Thoughts

Eclipse Music

This is a classic guitar power trio. Probably, by the sound of it, weaned on a diet of 70s prog rock and jazz fusion, with a seasoning of 90s virtuosity. The guitar sound is broad and often heavily processed, the drums keep a rock solid but cheeky beat, the bass often adds a surreptitious funk swagger.

From the relentlessly fun and exuberance of opener Lifelong Secret with its instantly hummable melodies, to the emotive in-your-face balladry of Ride, “…The Mystery Train” is a short ride at 37 minutes and I’m not sure it’s breaking any new territory but it’s a true pleasure, guilty or otherwise.

(“Catching the Mystery Train” is available from Bandcamp.)

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