PosCat garabatos[This review was first published in Jazz Journal in 2010.]

Taylor Ho Bynum (c, flh)
Abraham Gomez-Delgado (p, v)
and others.

Plena Organization
Travels Parts 1 & 2
Metro Mono
Plena Seguiro
Post Chordal
Plena Quicksand Monument
Travels Parts 3 & 4
Contendio Adentro

Cuneiform Records Rune 286

An eclectic, inventive, original and sometimes overwhelming mix of big band, Latin, world, free, Downtown clatter jazz. “Garabato” is Spanish for scribble or doodle and this certainly sounds like a collection of talented musical doodles. Fascinating and diverse with great playing from all concerned, the one live track – Travels Parts 3 & 4 – melds all their influences into a cohesive whole and shows them at their best. However, in the home-listening CD format their eclecticism can make for a jarring experience. This album feels like a portfolio, showcasing examples of everything they do; hopefully volume two will narrow the scope a little and explore just two or three of their chosen avenues.