[This review was first published in Jazz Journal in 2010.]JeanPaul Brodbeck - hang on hippie - cover

Jean-Paul Brodbeck (p, elp, kyb)
Johannes Enders (ts, ss)
Wolfgang Muthspiel (elg)
Wofgang Zwiauer (elb)
Christian Niederer (d)

One glance is not enough
Your street
New song
Story of a day
The sneaker
The beginning
Mood turns
The unknown singer

Steinakirchen, February 2009
Material Records MRE 026-2

This is happy music. Brodbeck was aiming for a 70s feel and with electric bass and Fender Rhodes combination, he couldn’t miss. To give an idea, the second track, your street is immediately reminiscent of Weather Report with the bouncy upbeat sax lines and the bass and keyboards grooving along.

Throughout it’s very smoothly produced and easy on the ears. The only real moments of slight (but pleasing) dissonance lie in some of Muthspiel’s guitar lines. Overall it makes for nostalgic listening. Just play and relax.