Ramon Prats (drums)
Don Malfon (baritone and alto sax)
Iván González (trumpet)
Àlex Reviriego (bass)

Third consecutive week here for this session and while the faces and names are becoming familiar, the combination is different and fresh. As it should be 😉
Different line up, different start – this week, with just a quartet, we were straight out of the gate at a gallop. Or maybe it was less a race than a sparring match – each emerging from their corner with cacophony, listening to the others and edging slowly towards the centre where… this week, the point of liftoff seemed to be the quieter, subtler, more minimalist periods: gently droning bass, slowly circling drums, and the cawing of the horns – moments of gentle revelation and communion.
This week, I shared with a couple of friends with adventurous ears and afterwards they spoke of an experience, a sense of being pushed and lifted, and of thoughts wandering in new (and also familiar) directions. That, I guess, is the power of music – or at least, the power of this music and these musicians.