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The Best Jazz & Noise of 2017…?

The year in music? Hardly. My year in music? Closer (esp. if you ignore all that Bon Scott-era AC/DC I listen to). The 20 new recordings that have had most impact on me in 2017? That’ll do. Wait, 20?! Yes. I could’ve whittled it down to the usual 10 and placed the remainder in a…

Martin Pyne – Behind The Mist

Martin Pyne – vibraphone (plus live electronics on #3, #6 & #9) Niamh of the golden hair Yarthkin Behind the mist Asrai Spriggans Changeling Will of the wisp Hildaland Hollow Hill Song for Grace Melbury (58:54) Tall Guy Records TGCD007, 2017   Have to confess, I didn’t used to be much of a vibraphone fan….