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The Best Jazz & Noise of 2017…?

The year in music? Hardly. My year in music? Closer (esp. if you ignore all that Bon Scott-era AC/DC I listen to). The 20 new recordings that have had most impact on me in 2017? That’ll do. Wait, 20?! Yes. I could’ve whittled it down to the usual 10 and placed the remainder in a…

7 Questions for… Pedro Branco

Pedro Branco covers a lot of ground. First known here at aJN for the exuberant and excellent EEL SLAP! disc, he also features on the post-rock, post-pop, post-jazz Oh Calcutta! And with Joao Hasselberg he’s recently produced the decidedly folky “Dancing Our Way to Death” and the free improv “From Order to Chaos” (Clean Feed)….

EEL SLAP! – Vol. 1

Pedro Branco – guitar, effects João Lencastre – drums, electronics Improvisation I Improvisation II Improvisation III Improvisation IV Improvisation V (18:23) Fleaboy Records FB004 2017 Improvised music is called many things but it’s rare to hear it described – either by its adherents or detractors – as fun. Be assured, this short album of five…