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7 Questions for… Martin Pyne

Vibraphone player, percussionist, improviser, and composer, Martin Pyne turns his mallets to many different projects, including the edgily upbeat Busnoys (check out their debut “San Angelo“), silent film soundtracks (maybe that should be ‘soundtracks for silent films’), whimsical representations of Faerie (the frankly lovely Behind the Mist album), and free improvisation. If I knew what…

Martin Pyne – Behind The Mist

Martin Pyne – vibraphone (plus live electronics on #3, #6 & #9) Niamh of the golden hair Yarthkin Behind the mist Asrai Spriggans Changeling Will of the wisp Hildaland Hollow Hill Song for Grace Melbury (58:54) Tall Guy Records TGCD007, 2017   Have to confess, I didn’t used to be much of a vibraphone fan….